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Delivery Requirements:


Truck & Simi-Trailer are approximately 65 feet long, requires wide turning radius, and 125 feet to off-load a container before turnout and requires solid ground/surface to drive on.

If we get "stuck" due to abnormal ground conditions, you will be responsible for hiring a tow truck / farm tractor / or heavy equipment to assist with moving the truck.

Extra Cost:  Driver will place container to the best of his/her ability and is not responsible for leveling / blocking / or ground adjusting a container. If driver must engage in duties other than normal delivery, the hourly rate is $120 hr. Minimum of $50.00 (25 minutes) above 25 minutes it is billed in 5 minutes increment blocks ($10.00 per block increase).

This Extra Cost also applies to lost time if a truck becomes stuck.


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